Good Deal on a Cable Modem

I've always use Motorola Surfboard, nay, Arris cable modems for my home internet service, but this deal is hard to ignore if you're in the market.

You know you're in the market if you currenly rent or lease a modem from your ISP/provider. If you have cable internet and didn't buy your modem (separately) yourself, then you very likely are renting it. Check your bill to be sure.

Never rent or lease your modem. Buy one yourself. Like this one. Then call your ISP and tell them you don't want their crappy modem anymore and you're not paying for it and save yourself $10 per month.

I recommend spending that $10 each month on beer and/or taco trucks. Or maybe an IRA if you're an adult.

At $60, this is a great price for a really fast 16x4 modem. It's probably faster than you need, but that gives you some headroom in the off-chance that you or your ISP upgrades your service to a faster tier.

It's certifed to work with Time Warner Cable Internet, aka Spectrum, Charter, aka Spectrum, Comcast XFINTITY, and Cablevision. It's also very likely to work with Cox and Charter internet service, but it's not offically certified yet, apparently. It will be.

Casey HancockComment