Sweet discount on Apple Music membership

Apple is now offering Apple Music Gift Cards that cost USD$99 for a 12-month membership. That's $8.25/month instead of the normal $9.99/month for an individual membership.

Even better, if you buy a digital gift card from eBay and PayPal Digital gifts you can get $5 off for purchases of $50 or more. That makes the card $94, which is $7.83 per month. Pretty cool, right?

Digital gift cards are the best as they just email you a code to apply to your account and you don't have to wait on the mail or mess with a stupid piece of plastic.

As a bonus, these cards will extend membership for current subscribers, I confirmed it--details below, but beware that:

The cards are of no benefit for family memberships. It will just apply a $99 credit to your account and will not extend your family membership.

Before buying mine, I confirmed with Apple Support that, for existing subscribers, buying one of these cards will indeed extend your current subscription instead of applying a $99 credit. Just this morning I purchased one myself and applied to it my account. Check out these screenshots to see for yourself. Super easy.

The screen you'll see after redeeming the card's code in iTunes. For me, the code was emailed to me by PayPal Digital Gifts.

The confirmation modal that pops up after you click and confirm "Extend Your Membership." only after seeing this was I confident that the membership extension would actually work, despite what Apple Support told me.

Here's Apple's support page about redeeming gift cards if you have any questions.

You can read more about these cards at Slickdeals.net,  MacRumors.com, 9to5mac.com, and TheVerge.com.