Good prices on 13" MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

For when you need a new laptop right now

It's really not a good time to buy an Apple Laptop as I'd bet you $20 they are going to announce new Mac hardware in the next few weeks. I expect we'll see new MacBook Pros and Macbooks, but the future of the Air is uncertain; the MacBook line is likely replacing it.

Fingers super crossed on new desktop Macs, too, but that's a different post.


Anyway, if you need a new laptop right now and want a deal, you can take advantage of discounts being offered with the current generation and retails try to clear their stock to make room for the new gear.

@9to5toys found some great deals on the current-gen 13" MacBook Pro with 8GB/128GB ($1030) and the current-gen 13" MacBook Air with 8GB/256GB ($949.99)

Both of these machines are being offered by Electronics Valley on eBay, a 99.7% positive-rated seller that I've purchased from before and recommend.

The MacBook Air is an excellent on to the go machine. The designis proven and they are super light and easy to carry around. However, the don't have Retina screens and look super out of date in comparison to the high-DPI screens many of us are getting used to. If you've ever used a Retina screen, it sucks to go back and you should get the Pro.

While the MacBook Pro is still pretty slim, it's nothing like the Air and weighs noticibly more, too. It's still not "heavy" per-say, but in comparison to the Air it sure feels like it. Decide what's more important to you: portability of screen quality.